Rewrote argument dict checker to actually make it human readable.
Fixed oversight in view visible state.
Specify transition in view object.
Added sound test screen.
Added buttons to reload sound packs and libraries.
Fixed sound packs dropdown sometimes being empty.
Moved dialog box implementation out of the views stack.
Pass through mouse clicks while dialog overlay is dismissing.
Fixed oversight of Everything causing a dismiss.
Allow single button dialogs to be dismissed by clicking the background.
Fixed overflow priority on sidebar.
Replaced window.alert and window.confirm with a custom dialog implementation.
Renamed sensitive to suspect.
Cleanup of EEPROM init code.
Updated example config.
client -> server
Updated Pong packet documentation, removed column used for version info and reverted 'Sequence ID' back to 'Message ID'.
Removed mention of versioning.
Don't wait for EEPROM and sounds to finish loading during join.
Some cleanup.
Define settings using blueprints.
Rewrote connection handling.
Always use dev server for \!s1sched for now.
Added !s1schedule command.
Revert "Attempt to circumvent Cloudflare on Oatmealdome's API..."
Attempt to circumvent Cloudflare on Oatmealdome's API...
Added Splatoon 1 map rotation data through the Pretendo Network and Oatmealdome's API.
Fixed error in Splatoon 2 schedule data if Salmon Run has special weapons.
Default to PHP serializer for Redis.
Fixed oversight not caught by phpstan tsk tsk.