Created structure for additional API version handlers.
Use the Index router in Uiharu.
Added Index library to Uiharu.
Show button for spoiler tag.
Added colour picker to modern chat.
Replaced colour picker in legacy chat.
Added shitty temporary spoiler bbcode to chat.
Renamed AuthInterface to IAuth.
Implement Index routing rather than stinky if statements.
Fixed handling of HTTP OPTIONS.
Fixed thumbnailing.
Updated user agent string.
Switched to SharpChat authentication instead of hooking into the Misuzu database.
Fixed hash lookup and improved ID generation.
Updated using the Index library.
Updated deprecation notice.
Removed leftover console.log (oops).
Restructured EEPROM client js.
Updated EEPROM landing page.
Removed unused EEPROM management panel.
Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 8.1.
Updated some URL references I forgot in my initial pass.
Hide errors in production.
Updated .gitignore.
Allow hiding values of settings in the overview.
Added site configuration editor.
Allow specifying a hash key in the config rather than a path for Sharp Chat authentication.
Fixed emoticons manage panel.
Display the correct name in the title.
Added placeholder index page.