Reworking event dispatching... I think?
Removed is_silenced from fallback Sock Chat Auth result.
Removed is_silenced from fallback Sock Chat Auth result.
Attempt 2 at fixing the profile fields issue (this one actually fixes the issue!)
Rewrote password recovery token storage using new DB backend.
Fixed error 500 on profiles when filling certain fields in specific conditions.
Fixed type on getUserId in LoginAttemptInfo.
Rewrite login attempts log to use new database backend.
Normalised custom exception usage in user classes.
Allow empty string in MediaType parser.
Use the Index DbStatementCache implementation.
Use the Index DbTools version for list prepare thing.
Updated Index Serialiser usage.
Simplify serialisation.
Added some of the database utilities from Misuzu to Index.
Added phpstan as a dev dependency.
Removed local config plugin and fixed Index info pages.
Fixed Index library path in Satori scripts.
Oops it's all white!
Updated project licence to BSD3CC and import Index through Composer.
Updated README.
Updated TODO (excuse to test Packagist hook).
Translate to Simplified English.
Allow including Index through Composer.
Just use Composer for DeviceDetector.
Determine client info on insert rather than on retrieve for speed improvements.
Fixed error 500 on logs and sessions pages because of dead library.
Improved profile fields code.
Upgrade to PHP 8.2.
Removed lockdown feature for now.