Updated repository URL in the footer.
Updated legacy chat to use new sounds JSON.
Updated chat client to use the common EEPROM JS library.
Fixed null reference in legacy client.
Fixed joke triggers still being referred to as text triggers.
Overhauled sound pack and joke trigger systems.
Added ability to change playback rate through PlaySound.
Fixed chat asset cache.
Rewrote audio backend for chat client.
Misc. clean ups
Integrated the file uploads menu better.
Use AmiUrl variable instead of hardcoded path for legacy client.
Added ability to drag exported settings file onto chat to import it.
Adjustments to script including in legacy client.
Detect for..of support.
Removed cookie interaction from the chat client.
Updated cookie backend in legacy client.
Fixed funny assumption moment.
Added copyright things to both chat clients.
Moved legacy client styles into serve script.
Removed old language system from legacy client.
Cleaned up protocol code in legacy client.
Added actual disconnect reasons to legacy client.
Added the Koishi heartbeat thing as a function.
Updated sounds in legacy chat client to work similarly to the regular client.
Improved loading process for the legacy client.
Moved default chat client settings out of external json file.
Removed all eval() uses from legacy client.
Removed all eval() uses in chat client.
Fixed EEPROM not initialising in legacy client.