Chat: Ported Chat over to new backend, there should be a minor speed improvement with this, if you notice any error please let me know.
Development: Added links to News RSS feed on the front page and news page (if anyone even uses RSS anymore).
Development: Fixed user menu navigation bar thinking it's a site navigation bar after having used the smallest responsive design.
Development: Donate dropdown boxes dropdown again.
Development: Added donate button to Tenshi page.
Chat: Completely removed AJAX Chat devchat.
Stable: Fixed Compilation error on profiles as well as http:// appending on the website field.
Stable: Fixed an issue in the image serving script for /a/ and /bg/.
Development: Fixed avatar in the thing on the dev thing.
Stable: Replaced backend of news page with the new one, enjoy the new news page for reading the new news.
Stable: Tenshi (and other people with such privleges) can now change their profile background in the User Control Panel.
Stable: Removed archived legacy frontend elements.
Development: Partially added an avatar next to the username on dev.
Stable: Added direct and up-to-date user avatar/background link,[UserID] or[UserID].png and for backgrounds[UserID] or[UserID].png.
Chat: Removed Zaffre text colour.
Chat: Added :ruse: emote to chat.
Development: Added shadow to the header/menu/whatever.
Development: Made background on header and navigation static (first change in 2015, woo!).
Development: Added a thing that checks if a user is already a thing.
Stable: Added a Global Lockdown feature for specific reasons.
Development: Fix margin on markdown ol and ul elements.
Development: Made link to chat visible to logged in users only as Sock Chat does not provide a built in login screen.
Development: Added login, register and forgot password forms.
Stable: Removed legacy templating.
Stable: Replaced while loops in UCP with better methods, should make the UCP a bit more speedy.
Stable: Readded the Session Manager to the UCP
Stable: Removed the "hidden" Advanced menu from the UCP
Development: Added PSNProfiles Link, will apply to stable later.
Development: Changed warning system on profiles.
Development: Fixed spelling errors.