Further cleanups to the colour picker code.
Fixed colour picker issues and integrated into main JS file.
Copied CSSnano options.
Fixed gradients on buttons not showing up correctly.
Maintain z-index values for the views stack.
Fixed spacing and overflow issues on the domain transfer notice.
Removed the ability to enable notifications when they are not supported.
Added repository metadata.
Added repository metadata.
Added links to Amimami repositories.
Imported Ami into own repository.
Imported Mami into own repository.
Fixed flexbox usage in Firefox 10.
Lowered requirements for modern chat.
Updated minimum requirements for modern client and fixed issues in older browsers with domain transition view.
Added domain switch notification thing to compatibility client.
Fixed default sound pack not loading on compatibility client.
Fixed notification permission request.
Fixes to views stack + domain transition view.
Minor cleanup + use JSX for loading overlay.
Added stinky load finish animation.
Added stack for UI views.
Removed legacy view switching code.
Adjusted CORS handling for emoticon endpoint.
Use async for the startup process.
Actually use FutamiCommon.load.
Use JSX for the massive message constructor.
Forgot to move avatar size reduction.
Added a means of displaying /me in modern chat.
Fixed constructor detection.