Revert "Attempt to circumvent Cloudflare on Oatmealdome's API..."
Attempt to circumvent Cloudflare on Oatmealdome's API...
Added Splatoon 1 map rotation data through the Pretendo Network and Oatmealdome's API.
Fixed error in Splatoon 2 schedule data if Salmon Run has special weapons.
Default to PHP serializer for Redis.
Fixed oversight not caught by phpstan tsk tsk.
Added DSN documentation for Database and Cache backends.
Added cache wrappers.
Added specific profile fields for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS on the Pretendo Network.
Overwrite existing filename on reupload.
Fixed inability to delete uploads.
Fixed routes with similar regexes not being able to match.
Removed Discord notification sound trigger.
Added Mogeko Castle sound triggers.
Removed old router code.
Fixed wrong HTTP verb.
Fixed various oversights.
Updated Misuzu to new HTTP router.
Fixed regex.
Fixed the thumbnailing.
Updated to new HTTP router.
Updated HTTP router.
Updated Index library.
Updated Satori scripts to new HTTP router.
Updated to new HTTP router and replaced database statement cache.
Updated EEPROM to new HTTP router.
Updated Awaki to new router.
Updated to new HTTP router.
Revert to implicitly supporting HEAD..
Alternative attempt at support HEAD requests.